Structure of Cathca

Catholic Health Care Assosication South Africa

Compassionate health care in the service of Christ

CATHCA is governed by a BOARD of Management which meets three times a year to discuss important health issues and to decide on policy and strategy.

The Bishops’ Liaison for Health matters, the Secretary-General of the SACBC and a representative of the Leadership Council of Consecrated Life (LCCL) are ex-officio members. So also is the Co-ordinator of the Bishops’ AIDS Office, and the Director of the Siyabhabha Trust of the SACBC. Other members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. There are presently sixteen members of the Board of Management.

The National staff administers the day-to-day affairs of CATHCA from the National office in Melrose Johannesburg. There are nine staff members (see button marked “staff”), a Director, Administrator, Development Officer, Projects Manager, Finance Officer, Global FUnd Manager, Finance Manager, Administrator and M& E Officer. Hospitals, clinics, day care centres and other institutions which are members of CATHCA are all run independently and have their own sources of funding. However CATHCA helps from time to time with fundraising information and advice, and raises funds for its own office and for special programmes such as the Parish Nurse Programme.

There is also a Projects Office, run by John Perks and Isobel Blake in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. This office, originally set up to run the Winterveldt group of clinics and projects, is now a separately-run and independently registered NPO, the Winterveldt Project.

The Finance Committee oversees the financial affairs of CATHCA, and meets normally once a quarter. All three of these bodies report to and are accountable to the Board of Management