About us

Compassionate health care in the service of Christ

CATHCA is the Roman Catholic network of Health Care Institutions and Health Care Providers, which exist in all nine Provinces of South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland . We operate in clinics,  hospitals, old age homes, hospices, orphanages, home-based care programmes and many Diocesan and parish projects combating HIV/AIDS.

We are an Associate Body of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference, and are the official voice of Catholic Health Care in South Africa

CATHCA is managed by a Board of Management, the day to day affairs are run by a National Office team based in Johannesburg . CATHCA is registered as a NonProfit organisation and Public Benefit Organisation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the provision of accessible high-quality holistic health care services in Southern Africa, especially rural and marginalised communities, in the spirit of service of Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to affirm, develop, support and strengthen both individual health care workers and an evolving Catholic health care network, in conjunction with all other health care role-players.